A Prayer for MK

Rev David McDougall, Rector of St Mary’s Bletchley wrote to us with a prayer he had written during his hour in the PrayMK Virtual Prayer Room. He’s given us permission to share it here.

Heavenly Father,
We love our City, we enjoy its people, space, vibe, energy, growth, diversity, creativity and its incredible dynamism.
You have called us here and so we seek its wellbeing.
We live for its peace.
We call out to you for its protection.
We long for your increasing presence in every part.
In these complex days:
Let its economy get stronger.
It’s management become wiser.
It’s care of people become more effective.
As we educate our young:
Guide us and inspire us.
Let them flourish and fly, full of independence, vision, creativity, balance and freedom.
As we love our senior citizens:
Enable each one to know friendship, meaning, honour, value and encouragement.
Over our whole City Lord bring a spiritual awakening and move in your awesome power:
Come in dreams, be revealed in workplaces, be discovered in gatherings, be experienced in families, be obvious in prisons, be healing in the hospital, be re envisioning churches and their leaders.
We pray that old spiritual Wells would be re ordered and new spiritual Wells dug that would bring your living waters to many right across our City.
Father help us to know what it means to live as one: 
Help us to know what unity is and to enjoy unity in our friendships, families and fellowships.
Father as provider we cry out to you for the hungry.
Father as protector we cry out to you for the trapped, abused and oppressed.
Father we pray that as each new day is given, we as your people in Milton Keynes might become that little bit more like your Son Jesus Christ through the ongoing transforming work of your Holy Spirit:
Unconditionally loving, increasingly merciful, audaciously visionary, unceasingly generous, amazingly forgiving and deeply sacrificial.
We pray all of this for your glory alone and in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ,

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