A Prayer in solidarity with 
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Last month all over media and social media we have been seeing horrific acts of violence fuelled by racism. 

Some of us have been subject to racism our whole lives and some of us are reading and hearing and seeing and talking about racism for the first time.

Some of us are feeling ashamed as we recognise our white privilege. Some of us are reliving trauma because of what racism has done to us. Some are angry. Some are feeling attacked and judged because we don’t feel racism has anything to do with us. 

We need to take all of these feelings to Jesus, who knows us inside and out.

Let’s pray:

Gracious, Heavenly Father,

Jesus, Man of Palestine,

Spirit, who knows and moves, 

comforts and convicts us,

we bring to you all those who are in pain, who are afraid, or grieving and all those who are subject to racism everyday. 

We pray for the family and friends of those who have been subject to violence, those caught up in riots and those injured during protests. 

This month, as we watch and hear and feel the racism all around us and within us, we pray:

May we who are white, learn how to listen to and learn from our black sisters and brothers. 

May we remember that when we welcome all, we need to leave space for those who do not look like us.

May we learn that racism is not a problem for black people to endure, but a problem for all white people to recognise and work against.

By your Spirit, may our hearts, minds and eyes be opened.

May we who are black, be protected and defended.

May we know healing from the injustice we have experienced. 

May leaders, law-makers, businesses, and all those with white privilege in the UK and abroad recognise the evil of white supremacy and racism, visible and invisible.

May your infinite wisdom and love, guide them to dismantle it, and forge a better, more just more loving society.

May we all continue to see God’s image as it shines through each other.

May we not be afraid to examine our own hearts and minds with the help of each other and of you, Jesus. 

May we be ready to listen to the stories of those who do not look like us. 

May we learn when to speak up and when to stay silent. 

When we are silent, may it be because we are learning and listening, and not because we are afraid.*

We are sorry for when we have failed to see racism and injustice or have failed to act. 

Jesus, thank you for your enormous grace and the love you have for each one of us.

Thank you for new beginnings and our capacity as God-made people to learn old and fresh truths. 

Help us, Lord Jesus, to engage in the long, faithful work of Love.** 


*Emily P Freeman
** Morgan Harper Nichols

Click here to see the video version of this prayer.

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