Help my Fear, Lord

Are you afraid? You’re not alone.

Perhaps we’re afraid for our children returning to school, or for our elderly neighbours and relatives, our friends. We’re afraid of a ‘second spike.’ Perhaps we are afraid of the decisions we have to make or those that are out of our hands. Perhaps being afraid and vigilant came as a package deal when we were born into a certain race, and COVID-19 has only made life more dangerous. Or perhaps we are afraid of the unknown hidden parts of ourselves that contribute to an unjust society.

Fear is a normal part of life and it can be very useful. Fear can keep us safe from danger. It tells us to run or call for help when a house is on fire. It keeps us moving on the zebra crossing, so we get safely to the other side. But our brains can go overboard. So, we must turn again to Love. We need to take our fear, like everything else, to God.

Liz Milani writes in Pocket Fuel, “ “There is no fear in love,” wrote the writer of 1 John. I used to think that Love banished fear…removed it…No. Even in Love – Divine Love, neighbour love, family-love – fear remains. It’s still present. Sometimes the more you love, the more fear there seems to be… Love doesn’t have a skerrick* of fear in it, but it does make space for it, listens to what it has to say is compassionate and gracious. Love wraps its arms around fear and comforts it to a place of calm.

“So if you feel stuck in your fear, that’s OK. Don’t focus on the fear, pay attention to the Love… Love makes way for courage . Stay on the path of Love even though you are afraid.” 

Say this prayer aloud or to yourself and work through the journal sheet.

Help my fear, Lord,
and my unbelief.
Help me to learn
Your goodness
by heart.
Help me, Lord, in the midst of my doubts
and worries,
To begin to see
what you see
when You look
at my world.
Imprint that vision
somewhere deep within
where it can stay,
and speak,
and live. 

– Lina Toth (Andronoviene)
Celtic Daily Prayer

Finally, watch our reflection on Psalm 27 and ‘wait for the Lord.’

*a tiny amount

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