Help my Fear, Lord

Are you afraid? You’re not alone. Perhaps we’re afraid for our children returning to school, or for our elderly neighbours and relatives, our friends. We’re afraid of a ‘second spike.’ Perhaps we are afraid of the decisions we have to make or those that are out of our hands. Perhaps being afraid and vigilant came Read More

A Prayer for Easing

God of Comfort, Peace and Justice, you are a God of Ease and not of Control.  As lockdown restrictions lift in the UK, help us to be sensible and also to be gracious.  As we mix more in shops, on public transport, in our homes or gardens, please teach us how to keep safe in Read More

Worry Box

You will need:– any kind of container (a box or a jar) with a lid– some paper– pens or pencils Instructions:– Label the container ‘Worry Box.’– Tear or cut off a piece of paper and write or draw the things you are worried about on it. You can do as many as you like. – Read More

The one-sided conversation

Having a one-sided conversation can get very frustrating very quickly.  Sometimes our prayers can feel like this, quite often, actually. But I wonder if, even at a time like this, we would really want a noisy, chatty, ‘cooperative’ God? John Updike, in his autobiography, writes, ‘The sensation of silence cannot be helped; a loud and Read More