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‘This book is a piece of art.
This book is an act of love.
This book is a redemptive tool.
This book is a resource.
This book is designed to stir, inform, and inspire you.
This book is not “content.”
The ongoing conversation between you and God is content.’

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, Introduction
Prayer 2

Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson have collaborated to make very new visual and written meditations on very universal questions, problems and habits. 

Each page contains a short prayer that doubles up as a challenge or perhaps more of a nudge. There are forty prayers in all which can be read daily, during Lent, but can also be used at any time daily or to dip into.

If you’re not ready to buy the book, take a look at their social media channels for more thoughts on prayer and art, both post their work regularly.

Justin McRoberts on Facebook and Instagram

Scott Erickson on Facebook and Instagram

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