Your privacy

We hate it when we get calls from people who we never gave our number to, and we know you do too. This means that our data policy and practices are created with you in mind.
  • We purposefully hold as little personal data on anyone as possible
  • If we do hold your data, we hold it securely and use it only for the specific reason you gave it to us. We don’t pass it to anyone else inside the organisation, and we don’t pass it to anyone external.
  • If you have given us your name, email, phone number etc at some point over 3 years ago and we have not heard from you since, we have destroyed or deleted that information.
  • If you have asked us to stop contacting you, we have destroyed or deleted your information.
  • We don’t collect Cookies.
If you would like to know which bits of your data we do hold, please get in touch.

PrayMK is currently supported by the Diocese of Oxford and run by St. Marks MK.