Recommended: Prayer by Michael Mayne

‘Prayer is not primarily something one does, but something that is.’

Michael Mayne

This little book (70 pages) takes the reader through the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ and the ‘who’ of prayer as well as the ‘how.’

I’m struggling to write about this book without quoting the entire thing. My copy has almost every corner turned over and there is more highlighted than not.

In his short exploration of prayer, Mayne is always careful to define his terms, especially the term, ‘God.’ ‘How we pray,’ he writes, ‘and indeed whether we pray, depends first and last on our understanding of God.’ Mayne’s definition is simple: ‘the real God is pure unbounded love, shown to be so in a series of images or icons: a blind man restored to sight, a guilty woman forgiven, the washing of dusty feet, the breaking of bread with friends, the body hanging on a cross.’

If you want a gently life-opening book or an encouragement in your prayers, take a look.

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